Micro Markets

micromarket2If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional vending machine snacks, Micro Markets are the right choice for your company. Micro Markets give your employees a range of fresh options to choose from, such as fresh fruits and veggies, healthy juices, salads and sandwiches, and other nutritious snacks.

We offer two Micro Market options, Avanti Markets and Company Kitchen. Each Micro Market has its own unique list of benefits and features; you’re sure to find a good fit for your workplace! Follow the links below to learn more.

We will place a convenience store in your office! How does your own office snack shop sound? Your business can offer employees a truly unique vending experience. We will replace vending machines with a small snack kiosk. The benefits to you and your employees are numerous. On your end, micro markets are more energy efficient than vending machines.

We make using micro markets simple for everyone involved. All you need is a small area to designate as the market location. The area needs internet access and a power source for the coolers. Employees can physically touch the products and can even scan the UPC code when they are ready to purchase their items. Purchases are made with a Debit/Credit card or we can supply prepaid Keytags, which can be refilled with cash or Debit/Credit card.

The 24 hour a day security system works cohesively with the kiosk to monitor the market. The food and beverage selection includes a large assortment of healthy products too! A healthy employee is a happy employee! From reduced fat chips to low calorie sports drinks, micro markets have something for every health conscious employee. Ask our sales representative for a complete list of products that are low in calories, sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

Allow Mid South to meet with your company and get you started today!