Why a Vending Service?

PrintYou may be asking why it is important to offer your employees a vending service? In this post we will go over some important reasons for having a vending service in your office. Once we have sold you on providing this benefit for your employees, contact Mid South Vending Services to get started!

  • A vending service does not just serve as food and drink dispensers, but a forum for interaction.
  • A vending service aid concentration by allowing them a break from being seated at a desk all day.
  • A vending service gives an opportunity for employees to meet each other face to face, which otherwise only interact through emails and on the telephone.
  • A vending service refreshes employees and enhances their performance.
  • A vending service gives employees a sense of being looked after, makes them feel like a priority to the company.  This in turn, gives them the drive to perform better.
  • A vending service reduces costs in lost time from employees having to leave the workplace to obtain a snack or a drink.

Now that you know the important reasons for providing a vending service to your employees, let me tell you why you should choose Mid South Vending Services to provide this service. Mid South Vending Services has been providing the Southeast with quality vending services for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service. Our product selection is unlimited. If the product will vend out of a vending machine and your employees request it, we will make every attempt to have that product on your next delivery day.  We provide the quality products your employees desire and strive to establish and maintain a friendly professional relationship. We will keep your vending machines full, clean and in proper working order.  Our vending machines can have wireless monitors that allow us to see what’s in your machines before we even leave the building. This helps us deliver on our promise of superior customer service. Contact us today to get your company signed up!

Vending Service

cropped-header2.pngThe key to making your business not only survive but thrive in today’s economy is keeping a happy, motivated, loyal workforce.  In today’s competitive business world where it’s the survival of the fittest, it’s more important than ever to ensure employees are kept happy and feel motivated every single day. One way to keep your employees on task is to offer them a vending service from Mid South Vending Services.

Employees cannot be expected to sit at their desk from 9 until 5 every day. If they are, they certainly cannot be expected to be productive. It’s a well-known fact that in order to get the most from your employees you should offer them regular breaks.  This gives them the opportunity to refresh their concentration. One way you can encourage this is by investing in a vending service for the workplace.  Having a selection of hot and cold drinks ready to be dispensed is a quick and easy way to allow your staff a break and get them back on track again. Pair these drink machines with snack machines and you are keeping your employees happy, full, and refreshed.  What better combination to have them giving their best to you every day?

Mid South’s vending machines are compact, making good use of the limited office space many businesses have. They are extremely easy to use, cost-effective to maintain and extremely simple to clean. Mid South’s vending services include the installation, filling, and upkeep of our machines.  Our vending service is unique in that we stock products from various companies.  This ensures that your employees are being served their favorite drinks and snacks, regardless of brand. Contact us today to get your company signed up with our vending service.  Your employees will be sure to thank you!