Mid South Vending Services Fresh Food Choices

At Mid South Vending Services, we believe in giving you choices. Everyone has different tastes, and we understand how difficult it can be to please every employee or customer. With our variety of vending machines, fresh food machines, and café options, you can have the most delicious office in the neighborhood.    



The Fresh Café option provides you with a menu of hot entrees and side items to make your lunchtime experience quick, easy, and fulfilling. For those who need more than a vending machine, Fresh Café is a cafeteria style dining experience guaranteed to earn rave reviews.


Our fresh food options include an assortment of fruits, salads, sandwiches, and healthy snacks such as yogurt, granola, and oatmeal. Fresh, wholesome options give your employees and customers the opportunity to grab a quick snack that they can feel good about. They'll thank you for making their day a little healthier!

Five Star


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Mid South Vending Services gives you great choices for having fresh food in your business.  Follow the links above for more information.